The brand new ‘Lord of the Rings’ trailer stars Sauron, orcs and a balrog

Premiering at San Diego Comic-Con, the brand new trailer for “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Fireplace” shades in some new particulars in regards to the sequence, which takes place 1000’s of years earlier than the occasions of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The brand new sequence will comply with a largely new solid of characters save for some familiar faces like Galadriel, the elegant elven chief and achieved warrior.

The trailer opens with a mourning Galadriel on a scorched battlefield. She thought she was finished warring, that “our joys could be never-ending,” she says — however she will really feel the presence of evil.

“It’s right here, Galadriel,” a personality warns our heroine. “The second we feared.”

That second, this trailer confirms, is the rise of Sauron, the titular lord of the rings. We lastly hear a personality utter his cursed title, and we see glimpses of an evil being with creepily lengthy, razor-sharp fingernails that terrifies members of the sequence’ ensemble solid.

However there’s one who can defeat him — and in accordance with the trailer, it is a boy named Theo. He is Galadriel’s key to snuffing out Sauron’s evil (although, as “Lord of the Rings” followers know, he in fact returns).

“Discover the lad and the shadow won’t discover you,” a personality tells Galadriel. Maybe her arc will see her journeying throughout Center Earth to seek out Theo, who at one level within the trailer wields a black sword that seems out of skinny air.

This is Theo. We don't know his deal yet, but based on the trailer, he'll be a very important character in "Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power."

Dwarves, elves and different warriors populate the trailer, in addition to new glimpses at orcs, the slimy, fearsome monsters that finally serve in Sauron’s infantry.

And simply while you suppose the trailer’s finished, you hear the guttural rumblings of a primordial creature. May or not it’s … sure! It is a balrog, one of many fiery terrors that “Fellowship of the Rings” readers and viewers will bear in mind as the large foe who appeared to die and take Gandalf with him.

The epic sequence has been within the works since 2017 and is regarded as the costliest TV sequence ever made — per the Hollywood Reporter, its first season price an estimated $465 million to create.

The sequence premieres on September 2, with episodes releasing weekly.

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