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Only on WAAY 31, Lauderdale County correction officer Vicky White’s mother has a desperate plea for her daughter to come home.

Pat Davis is in complete shock, saying everyone who knows her daughter says this doesn’t make sense. She is scared for her daughter’s safety, and says even if she did help inmate White escape, she should turn herself in before she gets hurt.

“As a mother, I didn’t know how to act because I thought at first it was a mistake. And then when I found out for sure it was, it was just disbelief,” says Pat Davis.

She’s been in complete shock ever since her daughter disappeared with accused murderer Casey White Friday morning.

“I lie in there at night and you can’t get it off your mind, and then when you wake up if you do fall asleep, that’s the first thing that you think of… You know if you got a kid and she’s out there, it’s just like she’s in danger and we don’t know where she’s at,” she says.

According to Davis, Vicky had been living with her for the past five weeks, ever since Vicky sold her house. Davis says her daughter didn’t speak about work often, never bringing up retirement and never mentioning inmate White in conversation.

“You know, I never heard of him, never seen his picture, nothing. I didn’t know anything about him,” she says.

It is still unclear what role Vicky played in helping inmate White escape the Lauderdale County Detention Center.

“We don’t know if she was took by force or if she was voluntarily in this. But we just want her back, that’s all we want,” says Davis.

She doesn’t think her daughter would ever help an inmate escape, saying, “She’s never done anything, I bet she’s never even had a speeding ticket. But I mean, she’s always been what I say a good person. And like I say, this is all a shock.”

All she wants now is to reunite with her daughter, no matter what.

“We want her home. We’ll go pick her up if she’ll just call and tell us come and get her. We’ll go pick her up,” she says.

Davis hopes anyone with any information, even the smallest details, will call 911 or the sheriff’s office and help get her daughter home safe.

vicky white

Vicky White

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